About Us

Mustafa Kavruklar is the founder of this non-profit organization and has 30 years furniture experience in the United States. Tafass non-profit organization’s goal is to bridge to gap between Turkey and America to help boost import and export traffic. Mr. Mustafa Kavruklar made the following statement about the mission and goals of the association:

“This relationship will also strengt- hen Turkey’s economy with more exporting and generating more income. Tafass non-profit organization will also assist manufacturing facilities by providing an advisor who will train about us marketing procedures.

www.tafass.com will serve the organization’s members including factories. manufacturers and exporters. Each individual member’s


Website will be put on this website for wholesale marketing in America. This process vwill help open the door to increase exporting fumiture to the United States.

“Several cities in the United States host major fumiture conventions for wholesale buyers. Tafass non-profit organization would like to represent Turkish manufacturers at these major conventions generating an opportunity to boost export traffic and make revenue.

“Also, one major goal is to establish a large manufacturing group with all companies joined together as one major brand for Turkish fumiture in the United States.”

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