About Turkish Furniture

Furniture sector of Turkey has reached all countries in the world with the export and production potential increasing every day. Accordingly, it has achieved a position being one of one the sectors having foreign trade surplus between the sectors with the production volume exceeding 10 billion dollars and export rate of 2.3 billion dollars as from the end of 2015 year.

In this way, “Federation of Furniture Associations” (MOSFED) was founded in 2014 by gathering of associations in national furniture sector as from the date of July 2014 for the purpose of acting to integrate the sector and reflect the image of Turkey as “Furniture Country” both in domestic and global level by carrying the potential the sector has to one step forward. Federation is adopted as “umbrella institution” with the manufacturers of office furniture, house furniture, classic and modern furniture, accessories, in brief all other branches of the sector without considering the field differences for the purpose of strengthening the solidarity of our sector and providing more support.

Reflecting the image of Turkey as a “Furniture Country” in national and international stage, assisting Turkey furniture to achieve brand value in the world and undertaking a role to unite the sector constitutes our two main purposes.


To sign the works that will create awareness in important issues relat-ing to sector for the purpose of participating the potential and development of the sector and to develop various projects in this regard as well as to maximize the coordination and cooperation between associations hereunder are included to our other important purposes.

MOSFED shall act a role to increase promotion, branding and participation to export more for Turkish Furniture sector on international level with the Istanbul International Furniture Expo (CNRİMOB) to be organized every year. MOSFED shall become the pioneer and umbrella institution of the sector by forwarding the problems with a louder voice, developing close relations with all public and semi public institutions and universities, discussing the problems of the sector with national and international grand organizations and congresses to be organized.

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